Best Air Fryer for Chicken Wings

Best Air Fryer for Chicken Wings

With a variety of flavors and textures, Chicken Wings have become very popular as a side dish or as a light food to kill minor hunger. As you know, since their invention, Fryers have made cooking healthier and faster. In the same context, wings are healthier as compared to deep frying. That’s why an Air Fryer for Chicken Wings is a perfect choice. 

The Air Fryer Chicken Wings are so simple to cook with simple seasoning and no or a little amount of oil. Air Fryer World, one of the major cooking websites, claims that chicken’s fatty skin contains enough oil that a little or no additional oil is required at all. 

There are tons of Air Fryers on the market and it is a tough and time-killing task to find one that gives chicken wings a perfect finish. But we have made this search quite easy and simple by researching a lot and finding out the 5 best Air Fryers for Chicken Wings. Stay connected with us, we’ll break all the exceptional features and also a buying guide to make your perfection clear and precise. 

Check Our Top Pick

If you are in rush and don’t have enough time to read a product-wise review, check out GoWise USA GW-44800 Air Fryer. Our top pick has dozens of distinguishing features such as unique settings, extra-large cooking space, additional accessories, and many more.

What Makes An Air Fryer Perfect for Wings?

Here are some guidelines that will surely make your selection process smooth and easy. 

Air Fryer Settings – For Wings

If you are going to buy an Air Fryer for chicken wings, you must look for such settings that are perfect for wings. Usually, air fry, bake, and roast settings are loved for this purpose. Select one with one of your favorite settings out of the above. 

Cooking Capacity – According to Need

There are lots of fryers on the market with different basket sizes and cooking capacities. Select the one with enough cooking capacity that can easily meet your family’s needs in a single batch to prevent cooking again and again.

Safety Measures – For Secured Cooking

Nothing is more than the safety of your kitchen. Also, the safety of the food being cooked means a lot. Some latest fryers come with in-built auto switch-off features upon overheating or when cooking is done. Such outlets make the cooking safe so try to select one that, along with other features, has safety features too. 

Auto & Manual Options – Whatever You Like

Some people want to schedule their cooking according to their own will and for such persons, a manual air fryer is the best option. The other option is preset settings that, once set, cook your food automatically. Select one according to your own choice. 

Some Minor Things to Look

Along with the above-mentioned major air fryer features, you may also go for some minor things to notice such as easy cleaning of the fryer, material, price tag, etc. 

5 Top Ranking Air Fryers For Chicken Wings

Before diving into a deep review of the top featured air fryers to cook chicken wings, let’s look at the basic fryer features. 

Item Nam
Capacity (Qt)
Wattage (W)
GoWise USA GW-44800 Deluxe
Dash DCAf-200GBBK02 Tasti
Chefman 6.3Qt Air Fryer
GoWise USA GWAC-22005
Ninja DZ-201 Foodi

After a bird’s eye view of the basic features, let’s break all the best fryers’ exceptional features for wings in detail.

1 – GoWise USA GW-44800 12.7Qt – Best Overall Air Fryer For Wings

We have selected the GoWise USA GW-44800 as best overall as, along with the basic features, it comes with extra accessories to expand your cooking. This masterpiece by GoWise has many lovable features that make it a worth buying gadget such as extra-large cooking capacity, a glass door for easy observation of the food being cooked, a multi-layer cooking feature, and so on. Let’s explore its features in detail.

Unique Cooking Settings

Keeping in mind the chicken wings, the GoWise USA GW-44800 is the best option as it offers all those functions, bake, roast, air fry, which cook them crispy and amazingly delicious. 

Extra-Large Cooking Space

This fryer suits well to cook a handsome quantity of any recipe to meet the family requirements. For short families, it is also a gift to cook for themselves and frequent visitors. With a 12.7Qt frying basket, it offers an extra-large space to cook more. 

Additional Accessories

Another feature that makes the GoWise USA GW-44800 air fryer a versatile outlet is its set of additional accessories. It comes with 10 accessories i.e a rotisserie rod, rotisserie tong, oven rack, skewer rotisserie, drip pan, rotisserie steak cage, rotisserie cage, two mesh trays, and a shallow mesh basket. All these tools are helpful to expand your cooking experience by cooking all your favorites.

User Friendly 

Simple operations, effortless cleaning, and easy control features make this fryer a user-friendly gadget. All these features make its use quite easy as you can clean it instantly and control it with great precision. 

Rotisserie Feature

All Air Fryers don’t offer a rotisserie feature, but this gadget is an exception. It comes with extra accessories including a rotisserie. Hence, you can easily roast chicken, or meat evenly in it by rotating it. 

Durability Problem

Its durability is dependent on the fact how carefully you use it as its careless use may result in peeling off the non-stick basket coating upon overheating or plastic material may start giving off an odd smell. 


  • The extra-large frying basket
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Lots of recipes with single outlet
  • User-friendly operation
  • Apparent glass door


  • Average non-stick coating
  • Needs great care to use

All In All

With a stainless steel interior and non-stick coated frying basket, the GoWise USA GW-44800 Air Fryer is a perfect choice as it offers all that you would love to see in your fryer. Also, its multi-layer cooking capability makes you able to make more than one recipe at a single time. 

2 – Dash DCAF-200GB BK02 – Best Budget Air Fryer For Chicken Wings

Whether you want to purchase a compact size or a tight-budget Air Fryer, Dash DCAF-200GB BK02 2.6Qt is for you. In addition to being perfect for your favorite Chicken Wings, this universal fryer has many more to offer you such as an auto-shutoff feature, low power consumption, manual control, best for traveling and trips, and many more. Here is an in-depth analysis of all its exceptional features. 

Compact Size

The mini-size fryer, Dash DCAF-200GB BK02, is a space-saving outlet that fits well with your tight kitchen space. It is perfect for short families of up to 3 members. However, its 2.3Qt non-stick coated basket offers you a handsome space to cook up to 1Ib of fries, or one dozen chicken wings in a single batch. 

Manual Control

For such users who like to schedule their cooking, the Dash Air Fryer is the best option. It has a manual control system with a temperature knob at the top and a timer at the front. You can easily and simply cook food according to your own choice. 

Auto Shutoff Function

To ensure the safety of your kitchen as well as to guard the taste of your recipes, this fryer features an auto switch-off feature. This feature does not let the fryer overheat and also shuts off when cooking is done. 

Best For Trips

Due to its lightweight, compact size, and capability of performing all cooking functions, this versatile air fryer serves well to cook fresh food on trips. All its physical features assist with easy compatibility.

Average Coating

Due to overheating, the non-stick coating may peel off. This is the only wrong with this lovely air fryer, however, this is not just its problem but this problem prevails in almost every fryer. 


  • Safe usage
  • Easily compatible
  • Simple and effortless cleaning
  • Manual functions
  • Best for traveling
  • Compact size


  • Just manual functions
  • It does not suit well to a large family
  • Average non-stick coating

All In All

The Dash DCAF-200GB BK02 2.6Qt Air Fryer cooks the food with great precision, evenly, and is healthy with the latest hot air circulation technology. Moreover, it offers all that you wish, both to make chicken wings or any other recipe. 

3 – Chefman 6.3Qt – Best Extra Large Air Fryer For Chicken Wings

Extra-large cooking space, additional accessories, or whatever you want to see in your Air Fryer, the Chefman 6.3qt Digital fryer is perfect for you. Eco-friendly features, multiple recipes at the same time, safety features, etc make this fryer a worthy kitchen tool. To explore its features in detail, let’s move on.


Some cooking outlets give off an odd smell while running, but this fryer is not one of them. It features an integrated air filter for an odor-free kitchen. Also, this feature makes this gadget eco-friendly. 

Extra Accessories

All fryers don’t come with extra accessories, however, some do and this is one of them. It has additional accessories to cook all that you want in a single appliance. It comes with:

  • A rotisserie basket & retrieval tool
  • A drip tray
  • 2 removable racks
  • A rotisserie spit

Unique Fryer Settings

As you will buy an Air Fryer for chicken wings, such an appliance must have such cooking settings that give them a perfect finish. The Chefman 6.3qt Digital fryer is capable of performing lots of functions including your favorite i.e baking, air frying, and roasting to achieve maximum results. 

Extra-Large Cooking Space

The single Chefman Digital fryer is enough to cook enough food to serve your extra-large family or for all your friends and visitors. Yes, with its 6.3qt frying basket you can cook a handsome quantity of food in a single session. 

Digital Control

In the latest world, everyone loves to see all modern features in his/her kitchen appliance so one may perform cooking with great comfort. This Air Fryer has a digital temperature and time control system, also all the preset or manual options are a single touch away from you.

Average Heating Element

The heating element of this Air Fryer may stop working after some use if not properly used. It may take time while heating up after some time. 


  • Large cooking capacity
  • Easy and simple operations
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Eco friendly
  • Extra Accessories


  • Cooking may take some time after some use

All In All

The safest and secure, environment-friendly, and multifunctional Chefman 6.3qt Digital fryer is one of the top picks of Air Fryers. With its additional accessories, it assists in expanding as well as multi-layer cooking at the same time. All these features add up to make it versatile!

4 -GoWise USA GW-22005 Air Fryer

For those who love to have such an Air Fryer with regular size and a digital control system, the GoWise USA GW-22005 is the best choice. It offers many more such as an eye-catching look, unique fryer settings, non-stick coated baskets, and so on. Let’s go through an in-depth analysis of its lovely features. 

Lovely Cooking Features

The GoWise USA GW-22005 is a unique product to cook all that you want including your favorite chicken wings. It can perform lots of cooking functions and saves your kitchen space and money to be spent on other gadgets. 

5Qt Frying Basket

You can cook handsome food to serve your average size family of 4 or 5 persons. It is perfect for small families too who have frequent visits of friends or relatives. Its 5qt non-stick coated basket is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 

Digital Control System

The LCD and touch control system of this lovely air fryer makes its use easy and simple. You can control your cooking easily and all your favorite recipes are at a single touch away from you. 

Not a Single Recipe

The GoWise USA GW-22005 Air Fryer comes with a basket divider that lets you cook two recipes in a single batch. You can instantly make more than one recipe in it. So, no need to wait for one recipe to be cooked to make something else. 

Average Non-stick Material

Just like some other fryers, its non-stick coating may peel off upon overheating. This may result in a burnt plastic smell sometimes but it is a rarely happened problem.


  • Regular size
  • Easy operations
  • Simple and effortless cleaning
  • Safe usage
  • Unique style
  • Multi-layer cooking


  • Overheating may cause peeling off of the non-stick material

All In All

The healthy cooking feature, regular cooking capacity, and many other exceptional features add up to make the  GoWise USA GW-22005 Air Fryer a unique appliance. Also, all this is available at a very low cost. So, investing in such a gadget is not a fault. 

5 – Ninja DZ-201 FoodI – Best Dual Zone Air Fryer For Wings

The Ninja DZ-201 Foodi is a unique style, Air Fryer, with dual-zone, featuring two independent cooking baskets that let you cook 2 foods at the same time. Along with this feature, this versatile fryer has many other distinguishing features such as extra-large cooking space, additional accessories, two independent rapid heaters, and many more. Let’s dig all its exceptional features in detail.

Unique Dual Zone Feature 

One of the most lovable and exceptional features of the Ninja DZ-201 Foodi fryer is its dual-zone feature. You can use it as a dual cooker to cook two recipes at the same time with the same taste. This quality is hard to find anywhere else. 

Maximum Cooking Capacity

Each portion of this fryer has a 4Qt frying basket and it offers a total of 8qt cooking space. This space is enough to cook for an extra-large family. 

Additional Accessories

The Ninja DZ-201 Foodi air fryer comes with extra accessories and lets you expand your cooking. You can use it with each accessory to cook a new recipe each time. All the fryers at the market don’t offer this feature. 

Wide Temperature Range

Usually, the air fryers’ temperature range is limited to 400°F but it has a maximum range up to 450°F. At this temperature, you can easily cook lots of recipes in no time. 

Different Setting For Each Basket

Another feature that makes it a versatile outlet is that both portions can be set to perform a different function at the same time. The temperature and time setting for each portion can be different at the very same time. 

A Little Burnt Plastic Smell

All the features of this lovely Air Fryer are unique except one that is a little burnt plastic smell upon use. But it is not a fault, as usually, it gives off a smell when overheated. You may prevent it by keeping it in balance. 


  • Maximum Cooking Capacity
  • Dual Zone cooking feature
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Safe to use
  • Digital control system
  • Unique settings


  • Just a minor burnt plastic smell upon overheating

All In All

The features that Ninja DZ-201 Foodi Air Fryer offers can’t be found in every appliance on the market. It expands your cooking experience in two ways. First with extra accessories and secondly, with a dual-zone cooking function. All these features make it a worth buying gadget!

Summarizing the Whole

All the Air Fryers we have reviewed are perfect for Chicken Wings as all these have the favorite settings that give the wings a perfect finish. But our research put these two outlets above all.

If you have a large family or have frequent visitors and want a digital fryer, the GoWise USA GW-44800 Air Fryer suits you well as it offers you a 12.7Qt frying basket. Besides this, it has many more to offer such as unique settings, additional accessories, user-friendly features, and so on. 

On the contrary, if you have a short family or least visitors and also want to schedule your cooking according to your will, the Dash DCAF-200GBBK02 2.6Qt Air Fryer is for you. The manual control feature has many features such as safe usage, easy compatibility, and many more. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) 

1 – What is the best air fryer for chicken wings?

The best Air Fryer for chicken wings is one that cooks the wings with a tender crispier and browny outer and juice or moisture locked inside. There are lots of fryers at the market for chicken wings but the top 5 are reviewed in the above section. 

2 – Which is the best oil for air fryer chicken wings?

Such cooking oil is best for chicken wings that makes them crispy and odorless. Usually, neutral oils such as vegetable oil, canola oil, or peanut oil are considered perfect for frying the wings. However, to deep fry, the wings, rice bran oil, and safflower oil are also best.