Best Air Fryer Pressure Cooker

best air fryer pressure cooker

From the last couple of years Air Fryers are gaining universal popularity due to their capability of cooking food crispier, perfect, and in a fraction of time. Over time, many innovations have been done in this cooking machine and Pressure Cooking is one of the same innovations which helps to cook instantly whatever you want. 

Pressure Cooker is loved due to its fast and perfect cooking capability and air fryer is also an important part of your kitchen. But now there are such appliances at the market that offer you both these features solely. Yes, I’m talking about the Air Fryer Pressure Cooker Combo that perfectly cooks your food in just a single cup of water. 

Having an Air Fryer Pressure Cooker facilities you in lots of ways such as:

  • Amazingly convenient cooking
  • Very fast and perfect cooking
  • Help you in losing weight by cooking in less or no oil
  • No formation of hazardous chemicals both in food as well as in the kitchen
  • Safe usage

There are tons of such outlets at the market by different brands and it is a very tough and time-killing task to go through all these and select the best. We have made your selection quick and easy by making deep research to find out the 5 Best Air Fryer and Pressure Cookers. In the later section, we’ll break the features of all these gadgets in detail so that you may learn all about them. 

Our Top Pick

If you want an instant approach to a versatile, universal, and unique Air Fryer & Pressure Cooker, check out Instant Pot Duo-60. It is best overall with tons of features such as safety measures, additional accessories, unique cooking programs, and so on. 

Buying Guide

There are lots of features that make an Air Fryer Pressure Cooker perfect, but the following are the major that must be considered before purchasing it.

Size & Cooking Capacity

Of course, you need such an outlet that fits well into your kitchen space. Keeping this in mind, select one that suits you well. Another must-consider feature is the fryer capacity that depends upon the size of your family or the amount of food you want to cook in it. There are lots of options in this regard, but choose one that is perfect for you. 

Fast & Convenient Use

Some traditional air fryers need some time for preheating. But the most innovative gadgets don’t need to be preheated so select one that finishes the cooking in a fraction of time. Also, go for such an Air Fryer Pressure Cooker that features user-friendly operations so that you may not face any difficulty or confusion while making some recipes. 

Safety Measures

Unlike some other cookers, air fryers are far more secure to use, both for the safety of food as well as your kitchen. However, some old models, as compared to modern ones, lack auto-shutoff or any other alarm feature that prevents overheating of the fryer. Try to purchase one with great safety measures to make your food and kitchen secure. 

Preset & Manual Features

Some people love to schedule their cooking according to their own choice while others love preset options. There are lots of fryers with auto, manual, and a combination of manual and auto control functions. It is up to you how you want your food to be cooked so choose a gadget according to your own choice. 

Along with the above-mentioned features, you may also look for some deep things such as price tag, material, color, and so on.

5 Top Rated Air Fryer Pressure Cooker

Before diving into a deep analysis of all the features of the  5 best featured Air Fryer Pressure Cooker combos, let’s have a look at their basic features.

Item Nam
Wattage (W)
Instant Pot Duo-60 7 in 1
Ninja Foodi FD-401 Deluxe
Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11 in 1
Yedi 9 in 1 Air Fryer Pressure Cooker
GoWise USA GW-22700 12 in 1

After a comparative analysis, let’s dive into a detailed analysis of all the exceptional features of these fryers. 

1 – Instant Pot Duo-60 7 in 1 – Best Overall

Along with its 8Qt capacity, the Instant Pot Duo-60 offers you 7 cooking options including your favorite pressure cooking. This versatile Air Fryer facilitates you by lots of other features such as fast as well as slow cooking, great safety measures, smart control, and so on. Let’s break all its features in detail.

Multi-Cooking Functions

The foremost thing to look at while purchasing an Air Fryer Pressure Cooker is its pressure cooking feature. The Instant Pot Duo-60 is 7 in one and can be used as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté pan, warmer, and steamer. 

Regular Size

With an 8Qt cooking capacity, this fryer offers you enough space to cook for 6 to 8 people easily. It suits a large family or for those who have frequent visitors. It replaces many of your kitchen appliances by cooking all solely. 

Absolutely Safe

Safety should not be compromised at any cost. 10 plus safety features are built in this outlet to make your kitchen absolutely safe. Moreover, these safety measures include overheating protection and a lid lock that makes the recipes being cooked quite secure. 

Additional Accessories

To expand your cooking accessories are crucial and this fryer assist you in this regard as it comes with 3 additional accessories i.e 

  • A steamer
  • A condensation collector
  • A sealing ring

Takes Time to Learn

Its lots of features make cooking effortless and perfect but there is a problem for the new users. Its functions need some time to understand. This is the only wrong but not a fault.


  • Handsome cooking space
  • Easy touch control system
  • Safe usage
  • Unique cooking functions
  • Comes with extra accessories


  • Needs some time to understand

All In All

The Instant Pot Duo-60 Pressure Cooker Air Fryer is a universal kitchen tool that can be used as a fast or slow cooker, according to your will. With a unique design, this fryer fits well into your kitchen space and performs the functions of many other cookers.

2 – Ninja Foodi FD-401 9 in 1 – A Universal Cooking Machine

With a stylish and eye-catching look, the Ninja Foodi FD-401 Air Fryer Pressure Cooker has an 8Qt cooking space that is enough for a large family of up to 8 people. Moreover, it has all that a user will love to have at his/her fryer such as multi-cooking, extra crisp and perfect cooking, safe to use, and user-friendly features. Here is a detailed description of all its exceptional features.

XL Basket Size 

With a regular size and 8Qt cooking capacity, the Ninja Foodi FD-401 fryer is available to cook for a large family with great comfort. No matter if you have a wide family or frequent visitors, this outlet is ready to cook according to your needs. 

9 Cooking Functions

To cook with your favorite function, i.e pressure cooking, the fryer should have this cooking function. The Ninja Foodi has all lovely cooking functions i.e yogurt, steamer, slow cooking, pressure cooking, air fry, bake, roast, broil, etc. You can set it to any of your favorite functions.

Expanded Safe Cooking

The extra accessories and safety functions of the Ninja Foodi FD-401 fryer assist in safe and expanded cooking. You can use it to cook all your favorite dishes without any fear of the destruction of taste. 

High Power Consumption

A noticeable thing about this fryer is its high power consumption. It consumes more power comparatively that is only wrong with this fryer but can’t be regarded as its flaw. To operate so many functions a little higher power consumption can be overlooked.


  • Unique features features
  • User friendly
  • Very stylish design
  • Easy use and clean
  • Large cooking space


  • Comparatively high power consumption

All In All

Cook all your favorite, frozen or fresh, quickly in Ninja Foodi FD-401 XL Air Fryer Pressure Cooker. Meet all your cooking needs with a single appliance and say goodbye to lots of cookers separately!

3 – Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11 in 1 – Space Saving Multi-cooker

Just like Instant Pot Duo 60, the Instant Pot Duo Crisp also offers 8Qt cooking space but it has 11 cooking functions comparatively. Its tons of features such as absolutely safe, extra accessories, crisp fast as well as slow cooking, and so on. Let’s go through a detailed analysis of its exceptional features.

11 Cooking Functions

Unlike the 7 cooking programs of the Duo-60, the Duo Crisp offers 11 touch programs including air fry, pressure cook, sauté, steam, roast, slow cook, broil, bake, sous vide, keep warm, and dehydrate. Along with your favorite pressure cooking feature, you can use this multicooker for dozens of recipes. 

Highly Secure

Security is above all and the Instant Pot Duo Crisp is built keeping in mind this feature. It is manufactured with 10 plus security measures including a precise temperature and pressure control system. Moreover, an easy seal lid accurately seals the pressure and the release button releases the pressure when cooking is done. 

Expand Your Cooking

Additional accessories help you to expand your cooking as using them you can cook whatever you want. You can do this using Duo Crisp Air Fryer Pressure Cooker as it comes with extra accessories i.e steam rack, broil or dehydrating tray, protective cover, and two lids. 

Average Air Frying Basket

All features of the Duo Crisp Air Fryer are great except one that is the poor non-stick coating of the fryer basket. It may peel off or get scratched after some use. This is the only wrong with this versatile cooking machine.


  • 11 touch cooking programs
  • Easy usage and cleaning
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Regular cooking capacity
  • Absolutely safe gadget


  • The average non-stick coating of the fryer basket

All In All

The Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer Pressure Cooker saves your kitchen space due to its countertop design as well as it replaces lots of other cookers such as dehydrator, slow cooker, rice cooker, oven, and so on. With a dual lid facility, it can be used as a pressure cooker or as an air fryer. So, hats off for this multi-cooker!

4 – Yedi 9 in 1 – With Maximum Additional Accessories

Out of our all choices, the Yedi Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer comes with a maximum number of additional accessories. Also, it offers tons of other lovable features such as 6qt cooking space, 9 cooking programs, the capability to make two recipes at the same time, 10 plus safety features, and many more. Let’s unveil all the distinguishing features of this outlet.

6Qt Cooking Space

Yedi has comparatively tight but enough cooking space to cook food for a family of up to 6 members. You can easily use it to make your favorite recipes instantly. 

Maximum Accessories

This unique style air fryer pressure cooker comes with a maximum number of additional accessories to serve you maximum. It comes with an inner pot, 2 egg racks or rivets, a tempered glass lid, a stainless steel steam basket, pair of cooking mitts, a sealing ring, a measuring cup, a rice paddle, and a ladle. Having all these accessories, you can cook all that you want.

Two Recipes at the Same Time

If you have a Yedi Air Fryer Pressure Cooker, you can make two recipes at the same time without waiting for one to be one. Its additional steamer basket assists you to make two recipes at the same time.

In-built Safety Features

To meet all the requirements of safety, the Yedi Air Fryer Pressure Cooker has 10 in-built safety features. All these features make your kitchen as well as food absolutely secure and safe. 

Needs Great Care to Use

The Yedi is manufactured to last but if used with carelessness, its unit may stop working after some usage. Also, its glass lid and other parts need great care. It is the only problem with this cooker, otherwise, it is above all!


  • Maximum number of additional accessories
  • Multi-layer cooking
  • Unique cooking functions
  • Amazingly safe
  • Handsome space


  • An average unit that needs great care

All In All

Yedi 9 in 1 Air Fryer Pressure Cooker offers such features that are hard to find on the market. Along with pressure cooking, it offers you 9 cooking functions and extra accessories to cook all in a single appliance. Calling it a space and money saver would not be worthless!

5 – GoWise USA GW-22700 12 in 1 – Stylish Like a Decoration Piece

With an eye-catching and unique design, the GoWise USA GW-22700 Air Fryer Pressure Cooker offers you 12 one-touch cooking programs. A single outlet is available for all your favorite dishes that offers lots of features such as additional accessories, 6qt space, user-friendly operations, and so on. Let’s go through all its qualities. 

Auto & Manual Control

Some people love to schedule their cooking according to their own choice. For such people, the GoWise USA GW-22700 has manual control along with an automatic control system. You can easily schedule your cooking by choosing a manual option.

Exceptional Programs

Its 12 cooking functions enable you to cook all your favorite dishes in a single appliance. It means your recipes are a single touch away from you.

Extra Accessories

To expand the cooking, extra accessories are crucial. The GoWise GW-22700 comes with a stainless steel steam rack, a measuring cup, a spoon, and a basket. All these tools assist to cook with perfection. 

Average Power Control System

All features of the GoWise USA GW-22700 Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer are lovable except its power control system. The heating element may stop working after some use due to some technical fault in power control. It is the only wrong with it!


  • Unique stylish design
  • Safe and user friendly
  • Handsome cooking space
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Simple touch control features
  • Auto & manual control system


  • Average power control system
  • The heating element may cause a problem when overheated

All In All

The GoWise USA GW-22700 is a masterpiece by a well-known and one of the most ancient air fryer brands. It offers all that a user would love to have in her/his outlet. Care is the solution to every problem so is in the case of this fryer. You can increase its life by using it with great care!

Concluding the Whole

All the products we have reviewed are unique in their features. All these offer you a perfect pressure cooking feature. However, out of all these, the following two are above all. 

Our top pick is the Instant Pot Duo-60 7 in 1 Air Fryer & Pressure Cooker. Due to its unique features such as user-friendly operations, safe usage, handsome cooking space with an 8Qt cooking pot, and additional accessories, it serves you perfectly. 

If you are in search of a compact multi-cooker with maximum accessories, the Yedi 9 in 1 Air Fryer & Multi-cooker is the perfect choice for you. Along with its other lovable features, it offers a maximum number of additional accessories and 6Qt cooking space. You would find it a versatile gadget regarding any feature whether safety or functionality. 

The Air Fryer Pressure Cookers are great to cook main dishes such as chicken steak or fried chicken as well as side dishes just like wings, french fries, and many more recipes in a fraction of time.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What’s the best air fryer pressure cooker?

The best Air Fryer Pressure Cooker is one that, along with other lovely features, is capable of cooking the food with high pressure using just a cup of water. With a specially manufactured lid, such a fryer is capable of cooking dishes instantly under high pressure and certain release valves are there to release the pressure when cooking is finished.

Which air fryer pressure cooker is the best?

The best overall Air Fryer Pressure Cooker is the Instant Pot Duo-60 7 in 1. It offers all that is needed to give food a perfect finish such as extra accessories, safe usage, handsome cooking space, lovely cooking programs, and so on. 

Who makes the best air fryer pressure cooker?

The top brands of Air Fryer Pressure Cookers are Instant Pot, Ninja, and GoWise. Out of all these, The Instant Pot is above all and the top-rated air fryer pressure cookers by this brand are reviewed in the above section.