Best Air Fryer Under $100

best air fryer under 100

Due to its amazing features, an Air Fryer saves your kitchen space as well as money for many other cooking outlets as it can perform lots of functions solely. It cooks crispy food quickly and perfectly in comparatively less time. 

Now such Air Fryers are available in the market by well-known brands at an amazingly low price. After deep research, we’ve found the top-ranking Air Fryers Under $100. 

If you’re also in search of such a low price Air Fryer, move down with us without wasting your precious time in finding out the best one for you, we’ll break all the features of the best low-budget air fryers one by one. 

Check Out The Top-Ranking Product

If you are in rush, check out the GoWise USA GW-22639 3.7Qt Air Fryer It is the best low price air fryer with plenty of features such as handsome cooking space, safe to use, simple operations, lots of cooking options, shake reminders, etc. 

Buying Guide

To make your choice for the best budget air fryer perfect and instant, keep in mind the following features.

Price Tag

Obviously, when you are at the market for the best low-price air fryer, you must keep in mind the price tag of the outlets you are going to review. Review such fryers that fall in your budget range, this thing helps you in two ways. First, it saves the time that would be spent on reviewing the above-budget gadgets. Secondly, if you find a certain air fryer perfect for you, you would be able to purchase it easily. You may find the best budget air fryers at the market that have all the lovely features in them.

Basket Size

The second important feature that must be kept in mind while selecting an air fryer is its cooking capacity. You know the size of your family or the number of people you have to serve. So, choose one that can easily cook enough food in a single go. Usually, a fryer with 2 to 3 qt capacity is enough to easily serve 2 or 3 people. If you have a large family, purchase a fryer with a large fryer to serve your family perfectly. 


The safety measures should not be overlooked while selecting an air fryer. There are certain products by reliable brands with in-built safety measures and auto-switch-off or shake reminder functions. Try to purchase such a fryer that is absolutely safe and secure and guards your recipes’ taste.


Some kitchen outlets create troubles during their use or they take time to get used to them. However, lots of fryers are available on the market that has easy and simple operations. Try to purchase such a gadget that is easy to use. Such an outlet would not cause any irritation during cooking and also the cleaning process should be easy.

Now let’s move forward to go through a comparative analysis and also a deep review of the Top Ranking  Air Fryers Under $100.

Comparison Table With Basic Features

Here is a comparison table with all the basic features of the 10 best cheap air fryers.

Item Nam
Wattage (W)
GoWise GW-22639 Air Fryer
Dash Compact Air Fryer
GoWise Digital Air Fryer
Ninja 4Qt Air Fryer
Chefman TurboFry 2Lt Air Fryer

After a comparative study, let’s unveil the exceptional features of these Air Fryers.

5 Top Featured Air Fryers Under $100 

1 – GoWise GW-22639 3.7Qt  – Best Programmable Air Fryer Under $100

The best air fryer under $100, GoWise USA GW-22639, features a strong hot air circulating technology that cooks the food quickly, perfectly, and comparatively healthier. This lovely multifunctional air fryer has many innovative features which make it a unique product. Let’s unveil its lovely features. 

Perfect Cooking

The powerful heating element of this lovely air fryer cooks the food quickly and perfectly. Its high-power heating unit cooks your food crispy and delicious. 

A Multifunctional Air Fryer

The multifunctional air fryer, GoWise USA GW-22639, is capable of performing lots of functions. It gives you many cooking options to choose from such as Air Fry, Grill, Reheat, Roast, Bake, etc.

Preset & Manual Options

This Air Fryer also features 8 preset programs i.e Meat, Shrimp, Cake, Fish, Steak, Chicken, Chips, and Keep Warm. You can choose a new recipe for yourself each time. The manual use option is also there if someone wants to schedule his/her cooking. 

Easy And Safe to Use

The simple touch screen temperature and time control system of this air fryer makes its operation quite simple and easy. The overheat protection feature, auto-shutoff function, and automatic standby function make it safe to use the fryer.

Shake Reminder

The GoWise USA GW-22639 Air Fryer has a shake reminder alarm that reminds you to shake the basket after the scheduled time. This feature prevents the burning or overcooking of food.

Average Non-stick

The only wrong with this outlet is that it has an average non-stick material. The non-stick coating may start peeling off after some use or upon overheating.


  • Highly durable material
  • Shake reminder feature
  • 8 preset cooking options
  • Manual control feature
  • Safe to use
  • Perfect Cooking


  • Poor non-stick coating

All In All

With all its features, GoWise USA GW-22639 3.7 Qt Air Fryer is a lovely kitchen outlet that can feed up to 3 people easily. And the most important thing is that you can purchase it at a very low price. 

2 – Dash Compact 2Qt Air Fryer – Best Compact Outlet Under $100

If you want a compact, lightweight, and all-in-one Air Fryer, Dash Compact 2Qt is made for you. It is perfect to cook for a single or two persons. With such a lovely, attractive, and stylish design, this air fryer is worth buying.  Here are its exceptional features.

Perfect Cooking

The Dash Compact Air Fryer cooks the food by circulating a strong blow of hot air. The powerful unit cooks the food perfectly evenly, and quickly. It saves a lot of time to cook using such an air fryer.

Easy to Use

This simple air fryer uses knobs to control the temperature and time. You can easily adjust your cooking time and temperature using this control system. 

Safe to Use

The Dash Compact Air Fryer has an auto-shutoff feature that prevents any accidental issue. This feature saves your taste by preventing the overcooking or burning of food.

A Perfect Travelling Cooker

The compact size and lightweight of the Dash Compact Air Fryer assist in easy transportation. It is a loyal companion on your trips.

Lacks Digital Control

The Dash Compact is a mini manually operated fryer and lacks the digital control feature. This thing may prove strange for presets’ lovers.


  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Made of more durable material
  • Perfect Cooking
  • Safe to use
  • Simple operations
  • Perfect for trips and outing


  • Lacks digital control
  • Poor non-stick coating

All In All

The Dash Compact 2Qt Air Fryer is a worth buying kitchen outlet that comes at such a low price. Investing in such a lovely buddy is not worthless as it can be used at every place wherever you want. 

3 – GoWise 5.8Qt Digital – Best Large Capacity Air Fryer Under $100

Here is another masterpiece by GoWise. The GoWise 5.8Qt Digital Air Fryer is a versatile kitchen outlet that comes with 8 preset cooking programs to extend your cooking. It is a top-reviewed product by GoWise with so many features. Let’s have a look at its exceptional features.

Easy and Simple Operations

The GoWise 5.8Qt Digital Air Fryer has a touch screen time and temperature control system, preset option selection, and shake reminder which makes it an easy-to-use kitchen outlet. 

Even and Perfect Cooking

The high-power heating element of this large space air fryer cooks the food evenly with great perfection. You can have a perfect taste in comparatively less time.

Multifunctional and Preset Options

Along with its capability to grill, bake, roast, and air fry, this unique air fryer also features 8 in-built preset cooking programs. The preset options include shrimp, steak, pizza, cake, fish, chicken, and pork or fries. It means you can enjoy a new recipe every time. 

Shake Reminder and Sudden Stop Feature

The GoWise Digital Air Fryer has a shake reminder alarm that reminds you to shake your food after the scheduled time period. One additional thing is the start or stop button that lets you change the cooking time and temperature in the middle.

Average Material

The material of this fryer is not out-class rather average. Due to this reason, it may give off a burnt plastic smell and lasts for an average time.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Great safety measures
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Perfect to serve 3 to 5 persons
  • Shake reminder
  • Variety of preset programs
  • Cooks the food with great perfection


  • The average durability of the material
  • Non-stick coating peels out

All In All

One of the top-ranking products by GoWise, GoWise 5.8Qt Digital Air Fryer, has such a combination of specifications that make it worth buying. Investing in such a product is not a fault.

4 – Ninja 4 Qt Air Fryer – Best Low Budget Fryer With Extra Accessory

Here comes the best product by Ninja, Ninja 4Qt Air Fryer 4 in 1, that cooks your meal so crispy and delicious within a short time. Enjoy healthier and tasty food using this lovely top-rated air fryer. It has many features which make it unique, let’s go through its exceptional features.

Perfect and Crispy Cooking

The Ninja 4Qt Air Fryer uses a strong blow of hot air to cook the food delicious and crispy. Using this air fryer, you can achieve the taste of your dreams. 

Multifunctional Cooking Capability

This unique style air fryer does not perform a single function but is capable of performing lots of functions such as air frying, reheating, roasting, and dehydrating. 

Easy and Simple to Use

The simple touch control system of the Ninja 4 in 1 Air Fryer makes its operation very easy and simple. You can easily change the temperature from 105°F to 400°F and time up to 30 minutes with a simple touch. 

Additional Cooking

The Ninja 4Qt Air Fryer comes with an extra accessory i.e multi-layer rack that helps you to cook more than one recipe in one go. It can be called a unique feature that is rarely found in such low price air fryers.

Plastic Burning Smell

Due to the average non-stick material, the ninja air fryer may give off an odd smell when overheated. It is the only wrong with this lovely outlet.


  • Extra cooking options
  • Large cooking space
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Perfect Cooking
  • A multifunctional air fryer
  • Easy to clean


  • Gives off an offensive plastic burning smell

All In All

The Ninja 4Qt 4 in 1 Air Fryer with its exceptional features attracts the attention of every person. Such a versatile kitchen outlet is rarely found at such a reasonable price. All its features add up to make it a worth buying gadget.

5 – Chefman TurboFry 2Qt Air Fryer

The compact, lightweight, and multifunctional lovely Chefman TurboFry Air Fryer is a versatile kitchen outlet that suits well to a single or a maximum of two persons. It is perfect to use anywhere at home, in the office, and also for trips as it is compact and easily portable. Along with these features, this lovely Air Fryer offers many more to its users. Let’s go through its exceptional features.

Convenient Use

The simple and small-size Chefman TurboFry 2Qt Air Fryer is quite easy and simple to use. It has a manual control system with a temperature control knob at the top and a timer on aside. Using them, you can easily adjust time and temperature accordingly.

Perfect and Healthy Cooking

Chefman TurboFry Air Fryer cooks the food perfectly with hot air circulation by using no or a small amount of oil. Food cooked in such a way comes out very crispy and is more healthy. 

Safe to Use

The BPA-free basket, adjustable timer and temperature control system, and auto-shutoff function make the use of this air fryer quite safe and secure. 

Fresh Food Everywhere

Due to its lightweight, compact size, and easy compatibility, this lovely air fryer fits all the places like home, office, for use in trips, and many more. Using it, you can enjoy homemade fresh food everywhere.

Manual Use

The Chefman Turbofry has only manual control and lacks auto-control. This thing may be irritating for some users.


  • Lovely compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Offers a convenient use
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use
  • A universal fryer
  • Multifunctional capability
  • Cooks the food perfectly


  • Just like some air fryers by other brands, sometimes food cooked in it also has a little smell of burnt plastic
  • Just manual use

All In All

The Chefman TurboFry 2Qt Air Fryer is a perfect cooking outlet for a single or two persons. It has many exceptional features and more surprisingly all this is available at such an incredibly low price. So, purchasing such a lovely buddy would change your cooking routine.

Concluding the Whole

All the Air Fryers we have reviewed have exceptional features which make them unique. Out of all these, the following two are at the top from all perspectives.

The first best air fryer is the GoWise 5.8Qt Digital Air Fryer. If you want an extra-large air fryer with plenty of features such as even cooking, easy operation, safe usage, etc, this outlet is the best for you.

The second top featured air fryer is Ninja 4Qt Air Fryer. It is the best choice for those who want to have an air fryer with an additional accessory, average cooking space, and dozens of other exceptional features.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

What is the best air fryer under $100?

The Best Air Fryer Under $100 is such an air fryer that offers all the features of a good air fryer such as:

  • It should cook food with a blow of hot air.
  • The food should be cooked in no or less oil.
  • It should cook food in comparatively less time.
  • It should be multifunctional, etc.

Here is the best seller air fryer under 100, check it out. Instant Vortex 6 Qt 4 in 1 Air Fryer.