Best Things to Cook in the Air Fryer

best things to cook in air fryer

The most lovable thing about an Air Fryer is that it can perform dozens of cooking functions solely which means that you can easily use it to make a lot of recipes. It uses a powerful blow of hot air to cook food using no or a small amount of oil and the food cooked in it comes out more healthy, crispy, delicious, and perfectly cooked. It performs all this in comparatively less time, hence, also saves your precious time. 

Above all, an Air Fryer is not limited to cooking any single recipe. Rather you can use it to make a variety of your favorite recipes. Here are the most liked and common Air Fryer Recipes. 

19 Best Things To Cook In An Air Fryer

1- Air Fryer Steak

You can easily make your favorite Steak Recipe using your multifunctional Air Fryer. This steak, seasoned with pepper and salt, comes out very spicy and yummy.

2- Air Fryer Hot Dogs

The sandwiched Hot Dogs in buns have great taste and are great to kill light food. Using the air fryer, you can make them in a very tight time. 

3- Air Fryer Chicken Wings

The universally liked Air Fryer recipe i.e Air Fryer Chicken Wings are crunchy, crispy, and yummy and can be enjoyed with your favorite sauce. The preparation of Chicken Wings in an Air Fryer is very easy and takes a very short while.

4- Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Fries

The golden-brown air-fried Chicken Fries turn out so crispy and tasty that no one would miss to enjoy them. These are made quicker and with less effort using an Air Fryer.

5- Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

Crispy Brussels Sprouts are very delicious with amazing taste. These are taken as healthy food and more surprisingly air fryers make them without any decrease in their nutritional value.

6- Air Fryer French Fries

Air Fryer French Fries recipe is one of the most loved and cooked air fryer recipes. Instantly made crispy and crunchy air fryers proved to be a perfect side dish with a super delicious taste. Invest in an air fryer specially designed for french fries to cook this recipe perfectly.

7- Air Fryer Onion Rings

Golden brown Air Fried Onion Rings come out very spicy and crunchy. The Air Fryer cooks them with such perfection that their deliciousness and crunchiness are increased.

8- Air Fryer Fried Chicken

Since the middle ages, Fried Chicken has been one of the favorite foods worldwide. It is a crunchy recipe that turns out very tasty when cooked in the Air Fryer. Air Fryer cooks the fried chicken damn delicious in comparatively less time and with less effort. The traditional cooking method of the fried chicken leaves grease in the cooking pan that makes cleaning too difficult. 

Unlike the traditional deep frying method, you will find a healthy and super tasty recipe in a fraction of time. You will find a crunchy outer layer with the moist and juice locked inside. Try this one at home by using your versatile fryer. 

9- Air Fryer Box Cake

Box Cake is one of the favorite recipes of passionate sweet lovers. Moreover, it can be served on multiple occasions. Just like many other recipes, Air Fryer Box Cake is no less than a surprise as it comes out very juicy, yummy, and delicious. With the addition of a cake pan, you can use your lovely fryer to prepare this sweet dish instantly. 

It is quite easy and simple to give the mix box cake a perfect touch in an Air Fryer. Without babysitting, you can achieve the perfect taste of this sweet recipe by following some easy steps.

10- Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers 

Jalapeno Poppers are one of the universally loved and used vegetable recipes. Like many vegetable recipes, it is a healthy choice that is rich in multivitamins and RDI. Unlike the traditional deep-fried poppers, Air Fryer poppers are healthier and take a fraction of time for a perfect finish. 

Your multifunctional air fryer cooks the jalapeno poppers instantly without any compromise on the taste. It is the best choice to serve as a side dish in the meals. 

11- Air Fryer Chuck Roast

Chuck Roast comes in the list of most frequently used and loved beef recipes. It is a flavorful beef recipe that has great nutritional value. Air Fryer gives this recipe a perfect finish without any compromise on its nutritional value. The traditional slow cooking methods take a long time to cook and leave a great mess that makes post-cooking cleaning very tough. 

12- Air Fryer Burrito Recipe

Air fryer burritos are quite easy and simple to prepare at home. This recipe is a great alternative for the restaurant Burritos. Once you test these at home, you will never rush to the taco and burrito shop. The current pandemic situations of Covid-19 have limited the visits to hotels and restaurants. Cook tasty burritos in a fraction of time using your Air Fryer. 

13- Air Fryer Blooming Onion

Blooming onions is a great recipe to kill light hunger or to serve as a side dish. It is a simple and easy-to-cook recipe that takes a little time to get prepared. Unlike old methods of cooking different recipes, Air Fryers cook them healthy with less mess. You can enjoy these tasty blooming onions with any of your favorite sauces or dippings. 

14- Air Fryer Brats 

Air Fryer Brats take only 15 minutes to get prepared. These brats are comparatively tender and crispy. There is no need for a long list of ingredients but their taste is exceptional. Once you go for these, you will never miss enjoying this recipe. To give them a perfect finish, you need to follow a simple procedure. 

15- Air Fryer Eggplant Fries

Like french fries, eggplant fries are a great choice to kill the light food. As compared to the older methods of deep frying that offer too much mess and leaves a mess, air fryers healthily cook these fries with less mess. Air Fryer Eggplant fries are brown crunchy with the moisture locked inside. Many health benefits are associated with the air fryer cooking method, same as in the case of eggplant fries. 

16- Air Fryer Churros

The flavorful Air Fryer Churros are worth enjoying with any of your favorite sauces. The hot air circulation technology cooks them healthily and quickly. It will be added to your routine meals after the first taste. You will have to proceed a long way, but this recipe is prepared to damn crispy via this method. 

17- Air Fryer Okra Recipe 

Air Fryer Okra is one of the easiest and simplest recipes that takes a short time for perfect results. Enjoy this healthy and crispy recipe with any of your favorite dippings at home. 

18- Air Fryer Perogies

Like many Air Fryer recipes, Perogies are being used and loved universally. Its taste is variable and one can change according to his/her will. To get a different taste, you have to change the ingredients’ quantity accordingly. Its procedure is very short and you don’t need to wait for too much to enjoy this tasteful recipe. 

19- Air Fryer Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are one of those recipes that need too many post-cooking preparations. But once finally cooked, no other recipe can compete with them. With a little mess, these rolls are healthy for breakfast. Surprise your guests or family by serving them these rolls in the breakfast. Your air fryer is not limited to any single sort of cooking, it can be used to cook a vast variety of recipes at home. Go for a new recipe each time. 

Final Thoughts

Since their invention, Air Fryers have revolutionized the cooking process. It is always available to cook all types of major or side dishes. Dozens of benefits are associated with these cooking outlets as these are universal cookers that can perform tons of functions. Cook all your favorite recipes at home in a fraction of time by using your versatile Air Fryer.