What is The Best Air Fryer?

Which is The Best Air Fryer

Cooking in an air fryer is a mind-blowing idea as the food cooked in it is more crispy, healthy,  and delicious. An air fryer uses a blow of hot air to cook the food which passes through its section that contains the food. This method of cooking the food is healthier as it uses a little or no cooking oil at all that cuts the calories up to a possible low level. 

But there are dozens of air fryers available on the market that are by different brands, have different exceptional features, and different price ranges. All these air fryers have the same basic function of cooking food in less or no oil with hot air technology but have certain different features from one another too. Different users look for certain air fryers who fulfill all their desires and fall within their budget range. These points purchase an air fryer is quite difficult, confusing, and also a time-killing task. Hence, it is difficult to decide “ Which is the best air fryer to buy? ”

But don’t worry, we’ve paved your way to select the best buddy for you as we have searched a lot for the essential features that a buyer would love to see in his/her cooker. Here are some of the major as well as minor specifications that must be considered before purchasing an air fryer.

Basic Features To Look In An Air Fryer

As all air fryers are designed with a basic purpose in mind, i.e cook food with hot air blow. Yet some features may change from product to product. Such features must be considered while purchasing an air fryer that will make your choice perfect. Here are the most essential things that make an air fryer cooker the best.

1- Capacity & Size

The most important thing that must be looked at in an air fryer is its capacity to cook food, i.e how much food an air fryer can cook at one time. It is dependent on the user or buyer to decide how much food he/she wants to cook in his/her air fryer. There are compact, medium, large, and extra-large fryers available. Typical air fryer cookers available at the market vary from a cooking capacity of 1.8Qt to a maximum capacity of 10Qt. 

Another considerable thing is the size of an air fryer that depends upon the space that you have in your kitchen for it.

2- Material

How can one compromise on the quality of the material of an air fryer? Yes, it is worth noticing things that decide how long your cooker would survive. So while purchasing the air fryer, one must examine its material. Usually, the fryers are made with plastic material, however, a stainless steel coating on them makes them more durable. The material of the basket is also important. A nonstick-coated basket is the best one that is more durable. However, one can judge the material by the customers’ reviews also.

3- Safety Features

Who would ignore the safety of her/his kitchen while purchasing an air fryer? Now such fryers are available that are made with highly safe material and with great safety measures. These are capable of controlling the temperature automatically that prevents overheating and many other dangers. So, must consider safety measures before buying a fryer cooker.

4- Temperature Control Function

Moving on, one important thing that is crucial in the safe use of an air fryer is its temperature control function. Some old models only contain a manual control feature, however, now such fryer cookers are available at the market that is capable of controlling temperature both manually as well as automatically. So, try to purchase such a fryer that features manual as well as auto temperature control function. 

5- Preset and Manual Options

Really nobody will hate such an air fryer that offers a vast variety of cooking options with manual and auto function. Such fryers cook food with a variety of techniques that offer a unique taste each time. You can pre-set a cooking option in a preset mode before starting cooking, and then the fryer cooker will automatically cook your food. This option is really loveable as it offers great comfort in cooking and frying.

6- Power Consumption

Obviously, no one loves to have such a fryer that consumes a lot of power as kitchen appliances should have fewer power consumers. Mostly 800W to 1400W is considered a standard power consumption for kitchen outlets, so, try to purchase such a fryer that consumes as low power as possible.

7- Easy Cleaning

Easy cleaning is a universally loved feature of an air fryer. Of course, you have to wash the basket each time before use. So, an easy-to-clean fryer suits everyone the best. Try to choose such a fryer cooker that is easy to clean and easy to wash.

8- Budget Range

The price tag is the most important thing to be looked at while purchasing an air fryer. Try to review such a fryer cooker that falls within Certain fryers are your budget range so as you may purchase it easily. You may find air fryers that fall under the budget range of just $100.

Some Deep Things To Be Considered In An Air Fryer

The features discussed above are enough to select the best air fryer, however, if someone loves to examine an air fryer more deeply, he/she should also focus on the following features along with the above discussed.

1- Easy And Smart Control

Obviously, if someone is in the market for a fryer cooker, he/she would be a new user. For a new user, such a fryer is suitable and easy to use and control. New users of anything need some time to get used to that particular gadget. So, if you are a new user, try to purchase such a buddy that features an easy and smart control.

2- Even Cooking

Some fryers with poor performance lack even cooking features. In such a cooker, some part of the food remains uncooked which ruins the taste. So, review the cooking process of a fryer minutely before purchasing it. There are certain fryers with a rotisserie feature that cooks the foods evenly.

3- Cooking Time

Here is the feature that every person will love to see on his/her air fryer. I’m talking about the time that a fryer would take to cook the food. More often, a fryer is considered a faster cooking gadget that cooks the meal faster as compared to traditional outlets. The cooking time depends on two things, i.e nature of the food being cooked and the temperature of the fryer. A fryer can afford to cook at a maximum temperature like 400F, so, saves a lot of time as compared to the other cookers.

4- Basket & Drawer design

More easy use makes any object more lovely. In the same context, an air fryer with an easily removable basket and the drawer will obviously be loved more. Certain fryers available at the market feature an easily removable and easily washable basket and drawer. So, try to review and purchase such a fryer that features such a basket which makes the cooking more and more easy and convenient.

5- Multi-Functionality

Certain fryers are not limited to their basic function, i.e air frying, but are also capable of performing a variety of tasks such as heating, steaming, roasting, pressured cooking, steaming, reheating, etc. So, buy such a fryer cooker that is capable of performing multi-functions.

6- Ability To Cook a Variety Of Dishes

The fryers now on sale in the market offer a vast variety of recipes. Such fryer cookers are capable of cooking a great number of dishes. Hence, make sure that the cook you are going to buy can cook a variety of dishes so you may enjoy many recipes.

7- Brand

There are dozens of brands offering their air fryers on the market. But all of them are not worth trusting. We have enlisted below all the brands which are worth trusting and use high-quality material. Try to purchase an air fryer from any one of these brands.

Instant Pot
Simple Living

If you want a detailed analysis of all the best brands of fryer cookers, visit our lovely article on Who Makes The Best Air Fryers?

8- Stirring Paddle

A stirring paddle is an assistant in cooking such dishes that require to be stirred. Different fryers offer this feature but choose such a buddy that is easy to handle and easy to use.

All In All

After deep research and keeping in mind all the requirements and demands of the users, we have compiled all the major and minor features that make an air fryer user-friendly, safe, easy to use, and a lovely outlet. We hope this guide will be enough to make a decision on which air fryer cooker perfectly suits you!

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